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Several years ago, Russian graphic designer Ruslan Khasanov was cooking with oil and soy sauce when he stopped to appreciate the strange relationship between the two fluids as the pooled and mixed in unexpected ways. The observation lead to his creation of Pacific Light, a sort of experimental music video meets science project that captures the up-close interactions of ink, oil, and soap. Khasanov just released a follow-up video—now with glitter!—called Odyssey. Music by Ilya Beshevli.




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Artist Martin Lukáč uses simple shapes and primary colours in his work to explore childhood memories of growing up in post-communist Slovakia.

Lukáč was raised in in Petržalka, the largest and most densely populated borough of Bratislava; a suburb characterised by rambling rows of grim paneláky, a form of pre-fabricated concrete residential units, which spread across the Eastern Bloc during the communist era.


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A recent graduate from Pratt in New York, Anthony Cudahy has an incredible talent when it comes to painting. Using the gouache method, Anthony’s pieces are romantic and fluid with the lively brush strokes and large blocks of colour suggesting a sense of ambiguity. Anthony explains his concept in the statement below:

“Arranging and composing from nothing seems like both a waste of time and energies and a way for stylistic concerns to dominate. I do not want to think about placement or perspective, I want it to be provided. Each piece obeys its own logic and has its own language. And works to complete itself.”

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David Burke. His process involves equal parts control and chaos, and echoes tenuous socio-ecological relationships depicted in the imagery. The use of synthetic material reinforces the commentary on man’s impulse to consume, contain and modify the earth’s resources in order to accommodate our own needs and desires. His work celebrates man’s desire to build, innovate and create, while acknowledging that our impulse to grow and consume is eroding the ecological framework that we depend on to sustain our often wasteful habits.  Continue reading →


He paints clouds in turbulent, skyscapes full of color, puff, swirl and organic drama. Clouds knock into clouds, sharing, overlaying, infiltrating each other’s airspace. Contained on large canvases, it can be stunning.

Not yet 30, the painter is already repped by prestigious Robischon Gallery. His oil paintings have a Western, big-sky quality. Fisher takes us into the deep space of our heads by pairing the categorical with the abstract.

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