EyeBodega are a New York City based design agency who create what can only be described as smooth chaos. Comprised of designers Rob Chabebe and Joe Perez, EyeBodega’s catalogue is packed full of tongue-in-cheek branding and graphic design work with an impeccable colour palette.


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Every unsuccessful creative over 20, cries.

“my name is dom sebastian / i am 20 / i am based in east london / i work in photography, fashion, graphic design, art and music / currently studying graphic design at central saint martins / freelance design enquiries welcomed ”

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Pretty fucking cool, this guy has an amazing body of work of vibrating aesthetics, drawings, symbols, art direction, photoshoot editorials and clothes.
David Méndez Alonso.
Born in Spain in 1988.

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“A London-based graphic designer and printmaker, Peter Judson just recently graduated from Kingston University. But you probably wouldn’t even have guessed that if you had been given a list of all publications and websites that have, by now, featured his work and the several exhibitions in which he already took part in.


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“There are two clear front runners for most important visual storytelling method: the emoji and the GIF. In the case of the latter it’s becomes increasingly interesting to see how people are experimenting with the media of short, looping animations. One of the most impressive artists I’ve come across lately is designer and illustrator Drew Tyndall, a Nashville resident who has created some impressive looking GIFs that are reminiscent of Sol Lewitt mashed with Piet Mondrian. His ability to create such fluidity and texture in each of these is mighty impressive, and his color choices are absolutely spot on.”

animated_painting_1 animated_painting_2 ball_loop doodle_gif2 loop3