The song “Golden Touch” interpreted by Japanese pop star Namie Amuro has recently been revealed through a colorful interactive video. Directed by Masashi Kawamura, this creative music video features a simulated interactive button that let the viewer experience different kind of touches.

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On the road to the Native American reservation with the travel journal

Deep in the hills of Blackfeet Nation – the Native American reservation which spans over one million acres, running east of Montana’s Glacier National Park all the way to the border of Alberta, Canada –director Duncan Wolfe met self-described ‘Indian cowboy’ Seth Fenner and his grandfather, Truman “Many Horses” Hall, a former pro rodeo rider. “I hadn’t been on a horse since I was 10 years old,” notes Wolfe. “These are wild horses that they’ve broken. I jumped on and then for the next 10 hours, they showed us their life and their land.”

“”Their way of life is so antithetical to every bit of American capitalism””

The filmmaker found himself amidst these vast expanses of North-Western America as part of the team behind The Collective Quarterly, a new travel and design magazine that spotlights a single geographic location in every issue. Issue one, currently on newsstands, heroes the region in Montana known as Absaroka, which the Blackfeet have called home for generations.

“Their way of life is so antithetical to every bit of American capitalism,” says Wolfe. “In some ways it’s the most passionate and patriotic way of living. What they care about is this land and this place and they do everything in their power to ensure that it’s not destroyed for the next generation.”

Revealing the rich history of the land and sharing stories of lives played out on horseback, Fenner and Hall reflect on the legacy of their tribe, and their sense of obligation to preserve and pass on the land that fosters the horses, or ponokamita. A combination of the Blackfoot names for elk (ponoka) and dog (imita), the animals symbolize the strength, tameness and loyalty that have ensured their livelihood.


The Runcible Spoon is a twice-yearly zine about food and fantasy based in Washington, D.C. Our goal is to capture the pleasure and playfulness of eating through imaginative, delicious (and sometimes made-up) recipes, illustration, storytelling and collage, submitted by writers and artists across the country.  The zine was started in 2010 by Malaka Gharib in Washington, D.C. She runs the zine with a team of assistant editors, Claire O’Neill, Alison Baitz and Kalee Rinehart.

They make folkish grunge hand designed covers.


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| TELFaR |

TELFAR is the eponymous menswear line of fashion prodigy and international celebrity Telfar Clemens.

Born in New York and raised in Liberia, his line carves a completely unique territory in the fashion landscape by defining a brand which is neither conceptual nor accessible — but both in extremis. This paradox is nowhere more evident than in TELFAR’s design philosophy of simplexity™.

Simply put TELFAR is Extremely Normal™.

























Tiro porrada e bomba //// motivo de morte: foto chic.

JUCO represents the collaborative work of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud. They first met at The San Francisco Art Institute in 2002 where Cody received his MFA in photography and Julia her BFA. Their first projects together were actually class assignments. Team JUCO is based in Los Angeles, CA. They enjoy plants (on many levels), thrift stores (deeply) and the beach (when the time is right).

cause of death: sharp beauty exposure. 

we coud not pick only a few. rich aesthetics below:

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