Glitches in the cold, hard logic of digital circuits transformed into warm blankets, textiles, rugs, and more.


“Phil Stearns, a Brooklyn based artist working with electronics and electronic media.  Operates Year of the Glitch, a year-long glitch-a-day project, and has been actively creating electronic art since 2005.

Glitch Textiles project developed from what began as a curious exploration of visual technologies through corrupting the hardware of digital cameras into a project exploring the design potential of digital glitches in the textile arts.”

Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to realize a new body of work for the Glitch Textiles project at the Audax Textielmuseum’sTextielLab through their artist residency program.  There are only a handful of places in the world offering access to computerized textile production equipment to independent artists.  The TextielLab, in Tilburg, Netherlands, is one of these rare places where artists benefit from access to cutting edge equipment and expert designers/technicians to assist in the realization of their projects.



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